Hiring Dutch Shine for south facing window cleaning Boulder CO

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Here a short video clip of Dutch Shine washing South facing windows in Boulder CO. Washing South facing windows with Full sun light is a skill . When the windows are hot ,speed is a must. The method we use is water with soft natural soap and a squeegee. For this task a new squeegee rubber as well fresh cold water with a lot of bubbles is a must. The new squeegee and the fresh soapy water helps with gliding fast over the windows. Using Windex or the Chicago squeegee method( an old news paper with vinegar and water) is not going to do it. It will leave a blue haze on your windows. The first thing I do is soaping up the window with as much coverage as I can handle at the time. Than I use a four odd steel wool and scrub the window , than soap up the window again and Use the squeegee with the swirl technique. For more info check out my web page www.dutchshine.com Or call us at 303-999-5152