Boulder CO Wool Carpet pet stain treatment


Today, here in Boulder, CO we are discussing how to treat a wool carpet after a pet has vomited or soiled the carpet. The first thing to do is to clean the area as best you can. I suggest using a spoon to scrape the area.Then lay a clean towel (preferably white) on the area and press down with a little pressure. Keep doing this process soaking up any excess moisture.

After this process spray a pet stain ( I like to use a professional brand)First spray a little on a white towel ,press this moist spot on the carpet( a none conspicuous area,do not rub)  hold it for about a minute .Look at the towel and see if any color  from the carpet bleeding on the towel.Than spray the area lightly , spray past the pet stain at least 10 inch.Do not make it to wet.To wet will cause wicking .Wool carpet likes to absorb liquid that can cause shrinking upon drying.If you have any questions please give Dutch Shine a call at 303-999-5152Or look us up on the web at Wool carpet cleaning is our specialty we use a low moist deep clean air cell extraction carpet cleaning equipment .

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