Boulder CO Dutch Shine....windex or squeegee?

Dutch Shine wishing you a great weekend .

The warmer days are upon us,and with that the need for clean windows.

I am Dutch and back in Holland clean windows are a tradition.

The window cleaner comes by every other week and cleans the outside of the windows.

He uses a squeegee,just what Dutch Shine is using.

So what's up with windex?

First of all it is a great name for that product.

Dutch Shine has found over the years that there is no short cut to cleaning windows with that I say that windex leaves a blue haze on the glass when the cleaning is done

With windex.

We at Dutch Shine take pride in to using the Dutch way that means ....soft soapy water a scrubby and a squeegee.

Using a squeegee is an art ,I have trained many people over the years,it takes time ti master the so called European swirl .

It is a dance with the squeegee on the window,where you start and complete with no residue left on the window,leaving a sparkling crystal clear peace of glass

We at Dutch Shine say....we bring in the light .

Call us to day and let Dutch Shine bring in the Light into your place

We clean in the Boulder and Denver metro area ,please call 303-999-5152


we clean Windows,Screens,Gutters,Carpets and upholstery as well power wash.

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Windex or Squeegee?